Need Check Stub For Apartment? Fake Pay Stubs For Apartment

Do you need to get a new place to live soon? If you are like me, you live in an apartment. And when you need a new apartment you need to show an insane amount of income. I always hate this because sometimes it seems like it doesn’t even matter that you can afford it unless you can show them a special number on your paycheck stub.

For instance, in NYC you need something like 40 times the monthly rent and in LA you need 3 times the monthly rent. So, if you wanted to rent a $1700 apartment in either of those cities, you would need to show that you make $68,000 annually in NYC or $5100 a month in LA. Personally, I think that is ridiculous.

And that is where the fake paycheck stub comes into play.

Fake Pay Stubs For Apartment

If you can afford the apartment but not show proof of income, what do you do? Easy. Fake paycheck stubs. I mean, you need check stub for apartment, right? So, make your own! No worries, mate! And we can help you out with that. If you want a fake pay stub, just click on the link to buy one now! And hey, enjoy your new pad.